We help clients resolve legal disputes through mediation, arbitration, and through the state and federal courts.

We understand the apprehension and frustration that civil disputes can cause. There's no ``911`` available when another person or entity commits a civil wrong against you, so the avenues for seeking justice can be unclear and difficult to navigate.
Our goal is to relieve as much stress as possible for our clients. We pride ourselves in crafting tailored plans for each client to navigate civil disputes and find the best outcome. Whether that means increasing our clients' negotiating power, non-judicial resolution through mediation or arbitration, or taking the issue all the way to a civil jury trial, we find solutions to even the toughest legal problems.
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Civil Litigation Cases:

Business & Contract Litigation
Insurance Coverage
Civil Rights
Defective Products
Restraining Orders
Neighbor Disputes

Every civil dispute is different. If your case doesn’t fall within one of these categories, contact us to discuss how we can help.

Let's talk about seeking resolution to your civil dispute.

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