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Estate Planning

We help clients achieve peace of mind by knowing that their loved ones will be taken care of in the future. Through careful planning, we address the issues that lead to unwanted court involvement in family affairs.
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Personal Injury Law

We help victims of physical, emotional, and financial injuries find justice. Whether through negligent or intentional misconduct, harm caused by a wrongdoer should not be yours to bear.
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''Never really heard of clients commenting on how much their lawyer cared and was so attentive until Sam McGovern. I cannot recommend them enough.''
LaToya Z. Five-Star Google Review
''Sam is a wealth of knowledge and has helped me with my estate planning. He took the time to work through the different options and answered all my questions. which there were a lot! Thank you McGovern Law Group!''
Greg K. Five-Star Google Review
''I have been so lucky to have found The McGovern Law Group. They are professional and quick to respond to their clients. You will be in great hands with them. Sam has been extremely helpful in explaining everything to me and answering my millions of questions.''
Amanda M. Five-Star Google Review
''I had a question about Trusts, and went to Sam McGovern for answers. I found him to be informed, professional and friendly. I highly recommend his firm.''
Jose A. Five-Star Google Review

About the McGovern Law Group

We're a team of legal professionals with unique skills and backgrounds, but one unified goal: to use the law to promote our clients' best interests.
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We solve problems and provide peace of mind to families and individuals, primarily in the greater San Diego area. Through estate planning and personal injury law, our goal is to see clients thrive.

The McGovern Law Group is committed to being different. Our purpose is to take care of our clients as job number one. With that focus, everything else falls in to place.


We're not here to try and impress you—no fancy lawyer tricks. (But if you're looking for that, we can recommend some great lawyer movies!)


We're committed to being available to our clients and keeping them informed. If you need us, we'll be in touch as soon as possible.


Your best interests are our number one concern. We do what it takes to pursue the best outcome for our clients' individual circumstances.

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